Trophy black bear, eastern Canadian moose and caribou hunting in Newfoundland, Canada

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5star Newfoundland Hunting Lodge

Beaulieus Trophy Hunts Owner of Deep Country Lodge has been a Newfoundland outfitter in Canada for more than a decade hunting Moose,Black Bear and caribou.

Harlan Anderson 50 inch Newfoundland Moose Fall 2009we are Proud members of the Newfoundland & Labrador outfitter association.
Modern Lodges. Experienced Hunting Guides.

Spring and fall  2 tag Black Bear Hunts.

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Hunting moose, hunting bear, and hunting cariboDavid Matlock Fall 2009 woodland caribou Newfoundland Canadau in Newfoundland Canada is the hunting experience of a lifetime. This company was built by some of Newfoundland's greatest hunting outdoors enthusiast, and is owned and operated by outfitter & professional hunting guide Dean Crocker, who has over twenty five years of hunting experience for hunting Moose, Black Bear and Caribou. All our hunting guides are well trained and have many years of experience in trophy hunting for woodland caribou and the magnificent Black bear and Moose.

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5 Day Moose/Caribou Combo

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We operate three remote Flyin  Hunting base sites thatMonty & Luke spring 2010 border on the Bay Du Norde Wilderness reserve. This reserve is one of the last unspoiled hunting areas remaining on the island of Newfoundland for hunting Moose, Caribou and Black Bear.



Jan Heilbut 45 1/2 inch newfoundland Fall 2009 Moose

It has the largest protected river system in Newfoundland. Spectacular topographic features that include Mount Sylvester in the east, and the tolt in the west. It encompasses much of the range of the 15,000 animal middle ridge caribou herd, which extends into the adjacent middle ridge wildlife reserve.  These Hunting sites are accessible bNew Moose, Caribou, Black Bear hunting lodgey float plane, helicopter, and all terrain vehicles on old forest access roads. All hunting for Moose, Black Bear and Caribou done inside the reserve is on foot. We have a passion for hunting and obtaining Trophy Woodland Caribou, Black Bears and Moose.we own 4 out of 10 of the top woodland caribou heads in the world. The 2007 season saw The new Newfoundland record Book black Bear taken. This Bear weighed 480 pounds and had a officially SCI dried skull of 21 11/16". Mr. Crocker Is also a avid black bear hunter with his top trophy black bear weighting in over 600+ pounds from a spring hunt. This qualified him for the all time Boone and Crockett record book. To date this is listed as the second largest ever taken in the province of Newfoundland. Beaulieus are the present owner of the 2nd largest moose ever taken in Newfoundland, Canada. We get hunting trophies in the record books every year. The present Hunting success rate is 95%, with our customers qualifying for the Boone and Crockett record book, and the vast majority qualifying for the safari club international record book.  We just Built a new Hunting lodge for spring and fall black bear hunting. We are hoping to be able to use this new facility for moose and caribou hunting also in the future. We also provide clean mobile tent sites. All our sites have wooden platforms on which our tents are mounted. We host separate guest accommodations, guide quarters, and a cook camp, with a full time cook. Sleeping quarters are provided with US army cots, and thermarest mattresses. Each camp is supplied with fire wood, to make your camp nice and comfortable. Camps have propane lighting and stainless steel wood stoves. For the hunt we provide aluminum boats and motors, canoes, and all terrain vehicles. Our experienced guides are ready and willing to make your hunting adventure a dream come true. We stand by our reputation, and have the trophy animals to back it up. Browse our web site and pass your comments on to us. We love to hear from fellow sportsman who love the outdoors and enjoy to hunt the massive trophy animals this great province has to offer. Please look through our hunting site and feel free to inquire about hunting Newfoundland. When it comes to Eastern Canadian Moose, Black Bear and woodland Caribou Newfoundland is the place to be.